Welcome to my blog. I am not entirely sure what I am trying to accomplish here. What I know is that it seems like everyone is overly amped up these days. I am not sure if people are actually on edge, or if it is just all the loud voices everywhere you turn that make it seem that way. Either way I wanted a space where I can help take a little less serious look at the world.


Proud husband and father trying to find a way to bring together news and events of the real world, comedy and art. I have dabbled in drawing my entire life. I have often tried my hand at creating comics and I know that I always will enjoy drawing them.  My goal is to use this blog to display some of my art work and also add some commentary to the subject of that work.


Fake News

For a couple of years now a hot topic has been “FAKE NEWS”. A particular part of the fake news stories has struck me as very odd. The stories that are reported saying that social media sites are finding posts and users that are involved in spreading fake stories. The reason I find this odd …